Motif benches

A number of benches presenting various motifs have been placed around the town so as to give unusual insights into the fascinating and varied history of Schwetzingen and the electoral residence.

Bertha BenzThe first drive in a car (1888) passed through Schwetzingen
“Gartenphaeton”An English garden phaeton (1761) in Schwetzingen
Storia della ferroviaConnessione di Schwetzingen (1870) alla linea del Reno
Sport in Schwetzingen
Schwetzingen is top of the game in table tennis and handball
350 years of cultivating asparagus
The vegetable of princes has been grown here since 1656
HörBar - a Paradise for Music Lovers
The HörBar info-station lets music lovers experience the festival town of Schwetzingen and its special musical history from the perspective of its court music. Using QR codes, visitors can listen to recordings of works by the composers of the "Mannheim School”.
Mozart, Schiller & Co
Prince Elector Carl Theodor and his court of the muses
Linear Band Potters
The largest burial site of the Linear Band potters in southern Germany, Schälzig
Numerous graves from the sixth and seventh centuries testify to an early medieval settlement, Schälzig
150 years of the railway, Train Station
Welcoming Bench, Dreikönigstr. (near Touristinformation)
Tobacco Cultivation, near Train Station
The Fall of the Wall in 1989 / Germany Re-United 1990, Berliner Platz


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